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We believe every family deserves a home.

We believe everyone deserves the chance to build a stronger future. And we believe our region thrives when we put housing first.

Way Finders is an affordable housing organization dedicated to bringing home stability to people across Western Massachusetts since 1972. We work to strengthen housing stability and economic mobility, and to build thriving neighborhoods in communities throughout Western Massachusetts.



Our Impact

  • We build and manage affordable housing in urban, rural, and suburban settings (over 800 units in 24 developments; 400 units on the way).
  • We help more than 5,000 families access emergency assistance and housing subsidies every year. 
  • We help people become first-time homebuyers. 
  • We provide emergency shelter to families experiencing homelessness. 
  • We house and support young parents and survivors of domestic abuse. 
  • We foster housing stability through financial education and employment services. 

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Our Mission

Way Finders builds and advocates for a thriving and equitable region by improving the stability and economic mobility of families and individuals, together with developing and managing a wide range of housing to support strong communities.

“The heart of our mission at Way Finders is to empower families and individuals, ensuring stability and economic mobility while nurturing strong communities. Together, we build a thriving and equitable region for all.”

Jasmine Naylor - Way Finders Board Chairperson
Jasmine Naylor Enterprise

Board of Directors

Way Finders’ board of directors comprises a diverse group of experienced professionals dedicated to guiding and advancing the organization’s mission of affordable housing and community development.

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Executive Team

The Way Finders Executive Team is a dynamic and visionary group of leaders who drive the organization’s strategic initiatives and work tirelessly to create sustainable housing solutions for the community.

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Common Capital

Common Capital is a nonprofit, community development financial institution (CDFI) and subsidiary of Way Finders, working to strengthen communities by creating economic opportunities for low- and moderate-income people, women, people of color, and immigrants in western Massachusetts.

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