MBL Housing and Development

As of March 2024, MBL Housing & Development moved its operations to Way Finders, which is continuing MBL’s existing portfolio of projects.

The move is a natural next step in MBL and Way Finders’ decades-long deepening relationship. MBL and Way Finders have worked together closely since MBL’s founding in 1989, and MBL became a Way Finders’ affiliate in 2015.

The two organizations have always shared a mission of creating affordable housing for all and acting as a catalyst for strengthening communities. They have also shared values focused on equity, collaboration, creative solutions, and building a future of abundant housing opportunity. In the past decade, as Way Finders expanded its housing development expertise, it absorbed more of MBL’s work.

For existing clients, Way Finders will continue MBL’s full scope of services. At the same time, Way Finders is considering how best to offer consulting services to new clients and projects in the future.

MBL had an immensely successful 35-year run. They helped to develop more than 6,000 units of affordable housing and their collaborations generated $550 million in leveraged funds. They had a reputation for structuring complex projects and successfully securing multiple sources of debt and equity financing. Clients appreciated their hands-on approach.

MBL had a lasting positive impact on the revitalization of numerous communities across the state, and most notably in western Massachusetts. Way Finders is proud to be part of MBL’s continued legacy.


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