September 16, 2018

dsc01698.jpgButternut Farm is a mixed-income development featuring 27 apartments. Many units offer decks or patios as well as laundry facilities, storage areas, play areas, and parking spaces. Over the past year, the community at Butternut Farm has evolved due to Way Finders' new Resident Engagement Initiative. On Sunday, September 16th, Butternut Farm held its first Community Tag Sale.

The Community Tag Sale was an idea presented and planned by the resident advisory group at Butternut Farm. Many residents expressed interest in getting rid old clothes, furniture and belongings that have been cluttering up their apartments. In addition to the tag sale, Way Finders' Property Management staff coordinated bulk disposal days the following Monday and Tuesday. This worked in conjunction with the tag sale, because if people didn't sell or give away what they were trying to get rid of, then it could easily be left outside for disposal. 

Nearly half of the residents and their families at the property participated in the tag sale. Way Finders provided tents, tables, and lunch for everyone and there were even some residents that contributed snacks as well. 

"This is yet another opportunity to build our micro communities within the larger community. We had neighbors participate today who have never participated in anything in the past. We have residents sharing job opportunities and resources within the community with each other. That is what this is all about, many of the residents are starting to consider themselves family with one another," said Melphy Antuna, Resident Engagement Coordinator at Way Finders. 

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