Changes Made to Home Modification Loan Program to Better Serve Disabled and Elderly


CEDAC and the Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission (MRC) have announced changes to the Home Modification Loan Program (HMLP) to ensure increased benefits to the populations it serves. HMLP, a state-funded loan program established in 1999, assists homeowners and small landlords to fund home accessibility improvements that allow disabled or elderly family members to remain in their own homes.

The approved changes, which include higher loan caps and more flexible income requirements, were announced in mid-November and are effective immediately. Homeowners who are income-eligible may now borrow up to $50,000. This is a $20,000 increase to the program’s previous loan maximum, and this adjustment was made to cover increases in construction costs over the years. The second program change simplifies the terms of the HMLP loans. Rather than a schedule of interest rates that are based on multiple income tiers, HMLP will now offer no-interest, deferred payment loans to all income eligible households. The income limits have not changed, and families with gross household income up to 200% of the Boston area median income are eligible. See updated flyer here

Around Massachusetts, HMLP has provided borrowers with the financing to pay for entrance ramps and chair lifts, kitchen and bathroom modifications, accessory dwelling units, sensory spaces, fencing, and other modification types for qualified applicants. CEDAC administers HMLP in collaboration MRC and applicants work directly with a provider in their region throughout the loan process. The six regional providers are Community Teamwork, Metro Housing Boston, Pioneer Valley Planning Commission, RCAP Solutions, South Middlesex Opportunity Council, and Way Finders.

“We are thrilled to announce these changes to better serve our borrowers,” said Susan Gillam, Home Modification Loan Program Project Manager. “Construction costs have risen since 2008, when the loan max was last increased, and it’s important that our borrowers are able to complete all the necessary modifications for their loved ones.”

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