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Common Home Inspection Citations

Following are most commonly cited inspection issues resulting in a failed inspection.

  • Presence of lead: Owners must be in compliance with Massachusetts Lead Laws and have a valid Letter of Compliance.
  • Asbestos material must be in good repair and/or be encapsulated or removed per State Regulations.
  • Functioning smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors must be in place per Massachusetts Laws.
  • Bathroom, kitchen, and laundry room floors must be intact and covered with non-absorbent waterproof material.
  • All exterior doors and windows must be weather tight and function as originally designed.
  • All kitchen stoves shall be secured by anti-tip devices. All cooking surfaces must be even with of above adjacent counter tops.
  • All exposed wood surfaces in kitchens and bathrooms must be painted or sealed and shall be of smooth surfaces so as to easily clean them.
  • Units must be free from all rodents, skunks, cockroaches and insect infestation. Inspections will not be conducted with the presence of bedbugs.
  • The inspector must have access to inspect the entire basement area.
  • Heat must be operational between September 15 and June 15. Hot water must measure between 110-130 degrees.
  • A window or working vent fan must be present in each bathroom.
  • Handrails are required where there are four or more risers both interior and exterior stairs.
  • Hot water heaters and boilers must have pressure relief valves and attached overflow pies extending to within 6” of the floor.
  • No doors, interior or exterior, may have double cylinder deadbolts installed or any other locks that require special tools or knowledge to open.