Community Engagement

Way Finders defines community engagement as our work with residents and relevant partners to develop workable strategies to improve the overall health and wellbeing of a community. 

Effective community development depends on resident involvement. It's not work that can be 'applied' to a neighborhood. Way Finders, together with community collaborator, helps residents identify issues and create solutions that make life better for all. This work takes place in all types of neighborhoods, addressing issues large and small. From tackling blight and lack of job opportunity to neighborhood beautification, our goal is always the same: Let's work together to create communities where everyone thrives. 

We have witnessed the power of leadership that comes from within. Our success depends on building more capacity among more individuals. We help build connections, neighbor to neighbor, and we teach neighbors how to advocate on their own behalf. Community engagement takes time and patience but the rewards are great. 

Residential Health Advocate - Karon Tyler

Karon Tyler, 72, says she’s shy but her activism speaks to the contrary. If she’s not speaking out for better street lighting and safer streets in her community at City Council, subcommittee or Town Hall meetings, then she’s encouraging other people to take their friends to those meetings, share what they learn, and work to make an impact.

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The Team

Beatrice Dewberry

Community Building and Engagement Manager - Springfield