November 21, 2019

Cynthia Vega, her husband, and her four kids lived in a Way Finders’ shelter program for 3 years. Her kids were shared bedrooms, two to a room. While in shelter she attended Way Finders’ Financial Education and First-time Homebuyer workshops, knowing that one day she wanted to purchase her own home and give her kids a stable place to grow.   

Typically families living in shelter transition to living in their own apartment. Cynthia however had another plan in mind. She knew she had to find a better job but felt restricted because she only knew how to speak Spanish. Cynthia took it upon herself to utilize trainings at the public library to learn English and after a few months was able to find a better paying job than she had. This led to her and her husband being able to increase their savings over time. 

In early 2019, Cynthia closed on her first home in Springfield. She credits the time she spent in shelter being what allowed her to save for her home. Upon moving out of shelter she was able to use her HomeBASE stabilization funds to purchase essential furniture for the family. Cynthia is a rare case of a family that moved directly from shelter to homeownership and it goes to show with a little hard work and support, finding a home is always possible.