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Economic Mobility Programs

Way Finders works with families and individuals that are participating in our Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher program and Massachusetts Rental Voucher Program (MRVP) to improve their economic self-sufficiency and provide information and support to help them move to and live in high opportunities areas. 

The Family Self-Sufficiency Program

The Family Self-Sufficency Program (FSS) is a 3-5 year program that provides supportive counseling, financial education and credit success workshops to Way Finders' Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher participants. FSS participants will work one-on-one with Economic Mobility Specialists to develop an action plan to their goals whether it be to secure employment, further education, purchase a home, or start a business. 

FSS program participants will receive a financial incentive of an escrow account in their name that they will have access to after graduating the program. The maximum funds a participant can receive is $25,000. 

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Supporting Neighborhood Opportunities in Massachusetts

Supporting Neighborhood Opportunities in Massachusetts (SNO Mass) supports families with school-aged children use their Housing Choice Vouchers to move to communities with high quality schools, parks and open space and healthy, safe environments.

SNO Mass provides a range of supports to help participating families to access and attain residential stability in higher opportunity neighborhoods -- locations with high-performing schools, low poverty rates, and environments that have demonstrated positive health and wellbeing outcomes for children and adults.

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MassHire Career Pathways

MassHire Career Pathways is a program that provides employment support to Way Finders' Housing Choice Voucher participants and their households (18 years of age and older). This program is being offered through a partnership between Way Finders, MassHire, and the Department of Housing and Community Development to help households find paths to stable employment and careers.

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Self Sufficiency Program for MRVP Participants

The Self Sufficiency Program (SSP) is an innovative program that provides employment, education, and asset-building support to interested Way Finders' Massachusetts Rental Voucher Program (MRVP) families over a three-year contract period (with the opportunity to renew for two additional years, one year at a time, if additional time is needed for goal completion).

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