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Employment Support Services

Way Finders works hard to find ways to provide safe, secure housing. Unfortunately, the wait time for housing vouchers is over ten years and you need a safe place to live RIGHT NOW. Don't lose hope. 

Way Finders is an approved provider of programs that combine housing and employment services. The good news is these programs are easily and readily available. Thanks to these programs hundreds of people have more stable housing and jobs. If you qualify to participate, you can, too. 

Our programs

The Secure Jobs Initiative

Are you currently living in transitional housing? Are you ready, willing and able to work? You'll need a referral from your housing case manager who will assess both your needs and your skills. Starting there, you'll have a chance to build up you job skills and get ready to find a job, including learning how to interview. Once you get a job, your Way Finders' Employment Specialist will help you make sure you have the things you'll need to keep your job: assistance with childcare, transportation to and from work, more training and certifications. Here's your opportunity to build a strong future thanks to your hard work.

To be eligible for the Secure Jobs Initiative

  1. You must be receiving assistance from ONE of the following programs: Emergency Assistance (EA), HomeBASE, or Residential Assistance for Families in Transition (RAFT).
  2. You must live in Hampden or Hampshire County
  3. You must be ready, willing and able. 

Competitive Integrated Employment Services (CIES)

Offering all the services and support of the Secure Jobs Initiative with the exception of 6 months of job retention services vs. 2 years. CIES is a program for families and individuals who are receiving TAFDC, also known as Cash Assistance through the Department of Transitional Assistance(DTA). Referrals to the program need to be made by a DTA Case Manager or DTA Full Engagement Worker.

To be eligible for CIES

  1. You must be receiving assistance TAFDC, Cash Assistance from the DTA. 
  2. You must live in Hampden or Hampshire County
  3. You must be ready, willing and able. 

SNAP Employment & Training

Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) is a program that provides financial assistance so that families can buy nutritious food each month. SNAP Path to Work provides job readiness trainging, job development skills, and job retention support. If you qualify for SNAP benefits, you are automatically eligible for this employment support program. 

Through SNAP Outreach, Way Finders helps you determine whether you're eligible to apply for SNAP programs and then helps you apply for and access these important benefits. You can depend on us to provide one-on-one assistance throughout the process. 

To be eligible for SNAP Employment & Training

  1. You must ONLY be receiving assistance in the form of SNAP benefits
  2. You must live in Hampden or Hampshire County
  3. You must be ready, willing and able. 


If you do not qualify for our programs, we can refer you to one of our community parternships with One-Stop Career Center. There you will receive free access to job counseling, skills building workshops, and opportunities to interview with local employers.