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Following are common questions we receive from home owners and their answers.

I’m having trouble paying my mortgage. Is there any help for me

Yes. Our Foreclosure Prevention Hotline should be your first call. Please call (413) 233-1622 to speak with a certified Foreclosure Counselor.

I need to get a wheelchair ramp installed on my house. What can I do?

You may benefit from our Home Modification Loan Program. Give our housing counselor a call at (413) 233-1615, or send an email to for more information on qualifying for this program.

I’ve seen commercials for credit score websites. Is there one you recommend?

Credit Karma ( will provide your free credit score, and a wealth of information about what affects your score, both positive and negative. If you have a smart phone, we recommend downloading the Credit Karma app so you can follow changes in your score from month to month.

For your full credit report, we recommend visiting Everyone in America is entitled to a free credit report once a year, and this website will allow you to pull all three credit reports from the three credit reporting agencies (Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion). 

For those who attend and graduate from our Financial Education Workshop, we will provide you with a free pull of your credit report from the three credit reporting agencies. if it has been less than a year since you pulled your report. We also provide free credit counseling upon graduation of the Financial Education Workshop.

I want to become a landlord. Where do I begin?

We recommend that you register for our Rental Property Management Workshop, taught by H. John Fisher, HAP staff member and Fair Housing officer who compiled the Rental Property Management Manual (included in the price of the course). Register and pay for this workshop on our Workshops and Events page

I just closed on my house. Does Way Finders offer any other workshops that can help me in the future?

Yes. We offer a free Homeowners Workshop for those who have closed on their homes and would like more information on maintenance, upkeep, dealing with tenants, and much more. This  workshop is required for those who close a ONE Mortgage loan within one year of their closing.


In addition, those interested in becoming a landlord, or those who have closed on a multi-family house, are encouraged to register for our Rental Property Management Workshop. We also offer our Financial Education workshop free of charge to the public.

Can I bring my child to a workshop?

No. You must make arrangements, as we are unable to provide childcare service.

Can I schedule an appointment to speak to someone?

Absolutely. For general questions about the Homeownership and Financial Education department, send an email to for more information.