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Foreclosure Intervention Counseling

When it comes to foreclosure, you don’t have to face it alone. Way Finders offers foreclosure intervention counseling to Western Massachusetts residents. 

Homeowners facing foreclosure and at risk of losing their homes, can access one-on-one foreclosure prevention counseling with a Way Finders’ HUD Certified Housing Counselor. We will discuss your financial situation with you, then offer guidance on how best to avoid default or foreclosure. As part of the session, a certified homeownership counselor will help you explore possible ways of addressing your mortgage situation. Our objective, like yours, is to understand all your options. 

Financial Assistance may be available through other programs. Learn more here. 

Schedule a foreclosure intervention counseling session today by following these steps:

  1. Create an account here
  2. Complete your profile.
  3. Upload required documents.
  4. Schedule a counseling session.

Foreclosure Intervention COVIDCOVID-19 Information

In Massachusetts, there is currently an eviction and foreclosure moratorium, set to expire 6/30/21.

If you are currently unable to pay all or part of your mortgage due to the COVID-19 crisis, your first step should be to contact your lender/servicer. Submit a request to your lender/servicer stating you are experiencing a financial hardship during the COVID-19 emergency. Keep in mind that your mortgage relief options will depend on who owns or backs your mortgage. For more detailed information on how to find your mortgage servicer and how to understand forbearance and other homeowner remedies, click here.

For more information visit CHAPA's website