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Your path to Homeownership

Become a certified first-time homebuyer

First-time Homebuyers

Buying a home is easier than you think. You can become a certified first-time homebuyer with Way Finders as we cover finding, financing, and purchasing a home and provide you with one-on-one counseling. As a CHAPA, HUD, and NeighborWorks certified organization, completion of our first-time homebuyers workshop may qualify you for down payment assistance and first-time homebuyer mortgage programs. 

Unsure if you are ready to become a first-time homebuyer? Take our 4 question, Homebuyer Readiness Test and we’ll provide a recommendation on where to begin.

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Monthly In-person Workshops

Our workshops are offered monthly in-person (currently via webinar). For our in-person workshop we invite local real estate professionals such as mortgage lenders, realtors, attorneys, inspectors, and insurance agents to teach you about what it means to work with someone in their respective field.  

Convenient, Online First-time Homebuyers Course

We offer an online course that can be completed from your home and at your convenience.  

Not sure if your credit and finances are established enough to purchase a home? Learn about our credit success program and how we can help you prepare. 

Interested in purchasing a multi-family home and becoming a landlord? Learn about our workshops and resources we offer for landlords.      

Your Next Steps

1. Create a free account

In order to register for a workshop, creation of an account is required. 

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2. Attend a First-time Homebuyer Workshop

In-person (via webinar) workshops are scheduled monthly presented in English and typically every month presented in Spanish. See a list of all upcoming workshops.

Our  online course can be completed at your convenience. To attend you are required to create a free account.

 Create an account

In-person - $50 per household
Online - $75 per household

3. Schedule a One-on-one Counseling Session

After you complete your in-person workshop or online course, you will be able to schedule a one-on-one counseling session. During these sessions you will meet with a homeownership advisor who will guide you and provide support throughout your homebuying journey. If you have any questions along the way, your advisor is there to help. 

4. Receive your certificate of completion

After completing the First-time Homebuyer workshop, participants will need to submit a certificate request form from their mortgage lender in order to receive a certificate of completion. Your certificate may be used to qualify for down payment assistance and first-time homebuyer mortgage products. 

Down Payment Assistance

Down Payment Assistance programs can be a great resource and provide additional buying power for eligible first-time homebuyers. These are programs offered by cities and municipalities that typically offer up to $5,000 to be used towards a down payment on a home. These programs are limited to where you are purchasing a home (i.e. Chicopee down payment assistance can only be used when purchasing in Chicopee, Springfield only when purchasing in Springfield, etc)

View a list of available down payment assistance programs in Massachusetts. 

Way Finders administers down payment assistance programs for Belchertown and West Springfield. For more information and to apply click a button below. 

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