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Introducing Phase II of the Springfield & Pioneer Valley Housing Report

March 29, 2022

At Way Finders, we are passionately invested in lifting up the region’s people, places, and systems. To best inform our work—and that of law makers and housing advocates—we strive to understand the big picture. The needs and opportunities, in all their complexities. So we can make decisions and drive changes that are rooted in data and evidence—not theories, ideas, or best guesses, however well intentioned. 

With the 3/28/22 release of the UMass Donahue Institute’s Phase II report, we have new insight and information on the critical relationship between place and access to opportunities—especially for upward mobility. The report also provides a timely take on housing affordability and production issues; the impacts of COVID-19 on housing; and how to address both segregation and housing gaps in the region. 

Access the full Phase II report here.

What stands out to us in the report? The need to make new choices—where to build, who to build for, how to invest in people, how to prioritize housing stability. The need for more housing options for people of all income levels. The need to address systemic barriers to opportunity. And the need for regional collaboration to solve our regional challenges—and build on our regional opportunities.

Learn more about the UMass Donahue Institute’s Phase II analysis and report.