Our chair aerobics fitness class is a fun, accessible meeting point for older adults who are interested in improving their own health and that of their community! Free and open to Springfield residents of any age and ability, the class is held twice a week (currently via Zoom): Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10 to 11:30 am.

A meeting point for bodies + minds + advocates + neighbors

Yes—our chair aerobics class truly activates participant’s muscles and joints, more than people may initially expect! Moreover, it is designed to encourage conversation, foster social connections, and strengthen civic awareness and engagement. Residents will also gain experience with using a digital platform.

How can an exercise class double as a launching pad for resident advocates? Consider this: While stretching and flexing, participants may learn of upcoming opportunities for resident advocacy, such as leadership trainings. They may be encouraged to join a walk audit, with an eye toward inadequate street lighting and crosswalk striping, and other infrastructure justice issues. They may be inspired to attend city council meetings together, where their voices can influence policies and decisions. They may find a supportive space to speak about emerging concerns they have about their neighborhood, and ideas for addressing them. 

When fitness feels like family

Since launching in 2017, the class has become a welcome source of inspiration for many participants—and they are always eager to welcome new folks! 

  • “I have met a lot of good and kind people. I got more motivated to move my body and I’ve got my health in a good place now.”
  • “Uplifting my spirit, interacting with friends, and community activities connect with new friends.”

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