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Community Engagement

Building Blocks: Strengthen your online security skills

1780 Main Street, Springfield, MA 01103
5:30 pm

Building Blocks: Strengthen your online security skills

There's power in accessing and utilizing the Internet and social media platforms. Let's harness that power and check in on our privacy and security settings.

We will discuss how to protect your personal information and how to identify red flags and scams. This session will help everyone from tech challenged to the influencer of your brand, YOU.

This is the second of a two-part community workshop series, open to Springfield residents ages 16 to 96!

Building Blocks: The road to financial independence

1780 Main Street
5:30 pm

Building Blocks: The road to financial independence

Want to pass on lessons you wish you had learned sooner? Are you a young adult looking to start building for financial independence and stability?

Let's talk about credit! What is credit? This session will explore the benefits and consequences of credit, how to protect and improve your credit score, and why credit matters. Don't miss this workshop!​

This is the first of a two-part community workshop series, open to Springfield residents ages 16 to 96!

Flexing Your Civic Muscle: Advancing Digital Equity

1780 Main Street, Springfield, MA 01103
5:30 pm
Free - includes dinner

This FREE event is from 5:30-7:30pm at the Way Finders Springfield Housing Center. Click here to reserve your space by November 8. 

Anna Cruz

Anna Cruz has been with Way Finders since 2015. As a Community Engagement Coordinator, she provides leadership and assistance to residents and resident-led organizations in targeted Holyoke neighborhoods. She also coordinates the Chestnut Community Alliance, a resident-led group working to address issues of public safety and crime.

Chestnut Community Alliance

The Chestnut Community Alliance (CCA) is an active coalition of residents, joined by community providers and civic leaders, working together to make their neighborhood safe and healthy. CCA residents live in, or have ties to, the two neighborhoods surrounding the Holyoke Public Library and Library Commons, the Way Finders affordable housing development. 

Climate Change & Health Equity

A more just planet and a better future for all—including communities of color, where the health of residents is often disproportionately affected by environmental hazards and climate impacts? Getting there calls for shifts in policies, systems, and practices that will have a lasting impact on climate, air quality, health, and racial equity. 

Springfield Resident Health Advocates

Established in 2017, our small—but mighty!—cohort of five Resident Health Advocates leads the way in inspiring our community advocacy efforts. 

Leading with passion, uniting with purpose

Way Finders Resident Health Advocates serve as both ambassadors of the Community Building and Engagement team and leaders of the Community Advocates and the broader community. In return for a commitment to volunteer a set number of hours (the goal is 45 hours a quarter), Resident Health Advocates receive a quarterly stipend. 

Way Finders Community Advocates

Established in 2018, our team of Community Advocates come together once a month to talk, plan, listen, learn, and connect. 

Advocate with us—for your community.

Our rallying cry? We come together as a start. We stay together to progress. We work together for success.

Digital Equity

Click here to learn more about the Digital Equity Coalition  - what it is and how to join.

Busy Sparking and Activating Connections in Holyoke

What makes the difference between a “no” and a “maybe” in terms of getting residents involved in community building work? Between watching from the outside or joining the group? Between seeing a challenge as insurmountable or as something to take on with vigor? Between feeling at a loss (“What can I do?”) or feeling empowered (“Let’s do this!”)? 


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