Housing Center

SNAP Employment & Training

Do you qualify for Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP),* the program that provides financial assistance to help families buy healthy food each month?

Competitive Integrated Employment Services (CIES)

Competitive Integrated Employment Services (CIES) provides training, education, and job readiness services to families who are interested in obtaining employment and who are receiving Transitional Aid for Families with Dependent Children (TAFDC) through the Department of Transitional Assistance (DTA).  

The Secure Jobs Initiative

Way Finders’ Secure Jobs Initiative (SJI) is a supportive employment program for homeless families and households receiving Residential Assistance for Families in Transition (RAFT), or Emergency Rental Assistance Program (ERAP). Since it began in 2013, SJI has helped more than 900 people achieve stable employment—and maintain stable housing. With these foundational elements in place, families are poised to grow in resilience and build greater economic mobility.   

Our place, our home: spotlight on first-time homebuyers Carlos and Sasha Nunez

For first-time homebuyers Carlos and Sasha Nunez, home is where their family has found space to play, space to grow, space to dream, and space to be. 

Celines Ramos

A lot can change over the course of five years. Especially when you've thoughtfully mapped out your educational and career goals and the steps needed to reach them. And connected with a mentor who is invested in your well-being. And committed to doing the work to improve relationships, one family meeting at a time.

Safe Step

Transitional Housing for Homeless Survivors of Domestic Violence

Way Finders Supportive Services provide transitional housing for survivors of domestic violence through our Safe Step program. Families are referred by a variety of partner agencies, including domestic violence shelters, the Massachusetts Department of Children and Families and the Department of Transitional Assistance. In transitional housing, homeless survivors and their children receive supportive services while living in safe units within the community for 18 to 24 months in Way Finders leased apartments.

Foreclosure Intervention Counseling

When it comes to foreclosure, you don’t have to face it alone. Way Finders offers foreclosure intervention counseling to Western Massachusetts residents. 

Rental Assistance Interim Recertification Request

Please complete the form below to request a Rental Assistance Voucher Recertification.

Credit Success

Way Finders is nonprofit nationally certified by HUD, CHAPA, and the NeighborWorks Nationally Industry Standards. Credit Success is a financial education program that offers educational workshops, individual support, and guidance to anyone in the community. Our program helps families and individuals reach their goals, whether they want to buy a house or a car, pay off student loan debt, or learn how to build excellent credit. 

The Family Self-Sufficiency Mobility Program

The Family Self-Sufficiency Program (FSS) is a 3-5 year program that provides supportive counseling, financial education and credit success workshops to Way Finders' Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher participants. FSS participants will work one-on-one with Economic Mobility Specialists to develop an action plan to their goals whether it be to secure employment, further education, purchase a home, or start a business. 


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