Nancy Rivera Receives Judy Kelliher Award

On Tuesday, May 15, Nancy Rivera was surprised to learn she was selected to receive this year's Judy Kelliher award at the Regional Housings Network of Massachusetts Annual Conference. The Judy Kelliher award recognizes the word done by consumers, staff, and advocates of the regional agencies who exemplify the principles/steps that Judy believed could change lives: obtaining the skills and training to enhance one’s quality of life; educating various constituents/legislators on the need for the creation and preservation of affordable housing; and exhibiting the determination needed to turn lives around.

Nancy's over 40 year career at Way Finders is a sterling example of living those principles stated above. Nancy's compassionate nature, her mastery of the programs, and her continued advocacy for the families we assist have benefited us all. We rely on your expertise and your grounded perspective of the very real and practical impact program decisions have upon people’s lives. 

"Nancy, you have inspired Pat, me, and countless others and we are all proud to know you.  I hope that this recognition serves as a reminder of the good work that you are doing for others and all that you have accomplished." said Maureen Fitzgerald, Executive Director of the Regional Housing Network. 


Some notes from RHN as to why Nancy received this honor:

  • Started as receptionist, now Senior Vice President at Way Finders
  • Nancy quietly does her job and does it well.  She is a leader in the Network and the state and held with great respect across the field.
  • She has encyclopedic knowledge of rental assistance and is a generous contributor and supportive partner.  
  • Nancy has been a tremendous role model for women in the industry; her competence and professionalism set a high standard.
  • Nancy is tough as nails; working with Nancy you get the job done well and you get it done on deadline.  
  • She is also one of the kindest people we know.  Pat and I are proud to call her our friend.