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Each community has a vested interest in providing high quality affordable housing. Many rely on Way Finders to design, build and manage affordable projects that maintain the character of their community. The presence of people representing economic, cultural, age and ethnic diversity makes a community a better, more vibrant place to live. Affordable housing positively affects economic development. When entry-level public servants such as police officers, teachers, and service sector employees are able to live where they work, everyone benefits.

Way Finders is one of more than 240 chartered members of NeighborWorks America, an organization committed to affordable housing and community development. Sustainable development is a major tenet of both organizations. We are conscious of protecting the environment through sustainable design principles that are energy efficient and eco friendly. Way Finders extends sustainability practices throughout our organization in our every day business practices. 

meet francisco

Francisco got hurt on the job and after several months, couldn’t pay the rent. He and his three-year old daughter ended up in a Way Finders’ temporary shelter. While he recovered from his injury, he took advantage of job readiness training and landed a full time job. He and his daughter now live in their own apartment in a development built and managed by Way Finders. Life feels much more secure in a safe, affordable, and well maintained home. Being a single parent always has its challenges but less so living in a Way Finders’ development. Francisco and his daughter now have a ready-made community and proximity to resources to help mitigate unforeseen circumstances.