Way Finders and our partners know that thriving communities start with, and are propelled forward by, the very people who live there: the residents who call the area home, who are raising children and grandchildren there, who are shopping and walking there, and who are running local businesses there. These are the voices that can help transform a community into one that is healthy, safe, and full of life. 

From learning to doing—and leading—at the local level 

The Resident Leadership Program is an ongoing effort to strengthen residents’ understanding of what it means to be a community leader. The program prepares resident learners to grow into resident advocates: with the skills, capacity, and support to make their community a safe, welcoming place to live. 

Interested in growing as a community voice and neighborhood leader? 

The program, with multiple sessions, is free and open to residents of Holyoke and Springfield. Through interactive workshops and trainings, participants may learn about: 

  • How government works 

  • Effective leadership 

  • Conflict resolution 

  • Community organizing 

Led by Way Finders staff and experts on the topic areas, participants build camaraderie, make community connections, and plan events for their neighborhood. Graduates also enjoy long-term support from Way Finders staff.

Upcoming Programs

Below is a list of upcoming Resident Leadership Programs in Springfield and Holyoke

Winter 2022 - Holyoke (Presented in Spanish) | Invierno 2022 - Holyoke (Presentado en español)

Programa de Liderazgo para Residentes: ¡ ofreciendose por primera vez completamente en español! 

Invierno 2022 

Asientos limitados: se anima especialmente a los residentes del vecindario de Churchill y a los inquilinos de Library Commons a que apliquen. 

Llamandoa  residentes de Holyoke que hablan español: ¿Está interesado en crecer como voz comunitaria y líder del vecindario? ¿Tiene esperanzas para su ciudad que quiere ayudar a que sucedan? 

Participe en una serie gratuita de cinco partes de talleres y capacitaciones en línea, todos presentados en español. Los temas que se cubrirán incluyen: 

•Liderazgo efectivo 

• Resolución de conflictos 

• Organización comunitaria 

• Autocuidado y manejo del estrés para líderes 

• Respuestas estratégicas a desastres que sostendrán la participación de la comunidad. 

Los talleres interactivos de dos horas estarán a cargo del personal de Way Finders y expertos en las áreas temáticas. Los participantes crean camaradería, establecen conexiones en la comunidad y disfrutan del apoyo a largo plazo de Way Finders después de graduarse. Abierto a residentes de Holyoke. 

Más detalles por venir acerca del proceso de selecion y el programa. 

Háganos saber que está interesado

Resident Leadership Program—offered for the first time fully in Spanish! 

Winter 2022 

Limited slots—Churchill neighborhood residents and Library Commons tenants are especially encouraged to apply! 

Calling Holyoke residents who are Spanish speakers: Are you interested in growing as a community voice and neighborhood leader? Do you have hopes for your city that you want to help make happen?  

Take part in a free five-part series of online workshops and trainings—all presented in Spanish. Topics to be covered include: 

  • Effective leadership 

  • Conflict resolution 

  • Community organizing 

  • Self-care and stress management for leaders 

  • Strategic responses to disasters that will sustain community engagement. 

The interactive two-hour workshops will be led by Way Finders staff and experts on the topic areas. Participants build camaraderie, make community connections, and enjoy long-term support from Way Finders after they graduate. Open to residents of Holyoke. 

More details about the selection process and program are to come.  

Let us know you're interested