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Self Sufficiency Program

The Self Sufficiency Program (SSP) is an innovative program that provides employment, education, and asset-building support to interested Way Finders' Massachusetts Rental Voucher Program (MRVP) families over a three-year contract period (with the opportunity to renew for two additional years, one year at a time, if additional time is needed for goal completion).

As participants increase their earned income which results in a rent increase, the difference between the baseline rent and the new rent amount is placed in an escrow account on their behalf. Participants are permitted to utilize these funds to further their education, employment, and asset-building goals. After the completion of one interim goal, the participant may request an interim disbursement of escrow funds while enrolled in SSP to be utilized towards credit repair and/or debt reduction goals as it is recognized that these are frequently barriers to financial independence.

Participants who identify home ownership as an SSP contract goal may be eligible for a home-buying incentive from EOHLC to give up their Massachusetts Rental Voucher Program (MRVP) subsidy.

With prior authorization from the SSP Specialist, Way Finders will cover the cost of their certified First Time Homebuyer’s Course for those participants who are working on a home ownership goal.

Services for which referrals can be made on behalf of participants include but are not limited to the following: financial literacy education, resume’ development & employment search, educational courses, childcare, transportation, nutritional programs, etc.

SSP offers 1-on-1 support to assist you in bringing your dreams to fruition and priority access to resources/giveaways provided by community organizations.

Program Resources

The following are cost-free resources to assist you through participation in SSP. 

  • Connection to resources for job training
  • Money management counseling for credit building, debt reduction, and credit repair
  • After school program resources
  • Identifying and assisting with transportation needs and understanding finance options
  • Homeownership counseling
  • Assistance with exploring higher education and career path 

Save up to $15,000 in Escrow

When participating in SSP an escrow savings account may be established for you. Deposits are made to your account by the Department of Housing and Community Development based on a increase in earned income over the period in the program. Participants can save up to $15,000 and access funds upon the completion of the program. Funds can be used for homeownership, debt payments, education, and more. 

Interim withdrawal can be utilized to pay off debt and help improve credit score. 

Apply to the Self Sufficiency Program

Contact an SSP Specialist at or call 413-333-7262