Whether taking a vigorous chair aerobics class or walking through the Old Hill neighborhood, a group of seniors from Springfield are becoming healthier and transforming their community in the process.

Chair Aerobics

Chair Aerobics fitness classes are held twice a week in the Kathryne Jones Community Room on Pendleton Avenue led by an instructor from Springfield YMCA. The class is free and open to any age and ability. Chair Aerobics convenes Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10-11 am. For many, Chair Aerobics is more than just a fitness class, it's a community and a family. While staying physically active, participants share opportunities for advocacy and learning, including Community Advocate Trainings and Meetings and other social events and activities. 

Class participants have shared the impact that chair aerobics has had:

  • “I have met a lot of good and kind people. I got more motivated to move my body and I’ve got my health in a good place now.”
  • “Uplifting my spirit, interacting with friends, and community activities connect with new friends.”

Biometrics Health Screenings

Biometrics occur bi-weekly on Thursdays from 10-11 am in the Kathryne Jones Community Room on Pendleton Ave. Chair Aerobics participants have the option to meet with a community nurse and have weight, height, pulse, blood pressure readings. 


Chair aerobics participants have participated in an Old Hill Walk audit, attended City Council meetings, participated in a public speak-out in support of proposed solutions for a streetlight audit in Springfield and increased funding for road improvements in Old Hill. Many have participated in Way Finders’ civic muscle workshops and community advocate trainings, and are dedicated members of Way Finders’ monthly Community Advocate meetings.