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A Win-win For Tenants and Landlords

SNO Mass for Landlords and Property Owners

Helping Landlords Rent their Units. Helping Participants find Greater Opportunity for their Family.

Landlords in high opportunity areas can participate in the Supporting Neighborhood Opportunity in Massachusetts (SNO Mass) program and meet with families who are knowledgeable, responsible and, are looking forward to long term tenancy.

SNO Mass supports families with school-aged children to use their Housing Choice Vouchers to move to communities that offer greater opportunity. These communities have higher quality schools, parks and open space, and safer, healthier environments overall. Together we can provide participating families with access to residential stability in higher opportunity neighborhoods.



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Incentives for landlords and property owners participating in the program include:


Process Support

SNO Mass Enhanced Communication is:  

  • A Single Point of Contact  
  • Accelerated response time – phone calls and emails will be returned by SNO Mass staff within same day

Expedited Inspections

Potential SNO Mass landlords renting a new unit will receive a call back to schedule an inspection within 1 business day with a guaranteed inspection date within 2 to 3 business days. Units that have minor repairs but meet HQS health and safety standards may be occupied prior to final approval. 

Request for Tenancy Approval (RFTA)

The program representative will confirm receipt of paperwork with the Mobility Specialist and work with appropriate staff to ensure expedient RFTA review for SNO Mass Participants. Mobility Specialists will email and/or phone the landlord within 1 business day of the RFTA being submitted.

Rent Reasonableness

Rent reasonableness determinations in opportunity areas will be expedited for SNO Mass Participants. Market analysis and the identification of three comparable units will be completed in 2 to 3 business days. 

Small Area FMRs

The SNO Mass program will apply HUD’s FY Small Area FMR (SAFMR) to all units under contract through this program. EOHLC anticipates that this will make HCV applicants competitive in neighborhoods that have traditionally been less accessible.

Landlord Incentives

EOHLC provides a bonus of up to $1,800. Landlords will be paid $1,200 when they sign a lease with a SNO Mass Participant. An additional $600 will be paid if the landlord:

  1. Renews their initial lease with the first SNO Mass tenant, or
  2. Documents damages exceeding the security deposit when the first SNO Mass tenant moves out, or
  3. Rents to another SNO Mass Tenant upon turnover of the unit. 

Note: If a landlord has multiple units and rents to multiple SNO Mass tenants at one time, he/she will receive incentive payments for each unit.

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