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Established in 2018, our team of Community Advocates come together once a month to talk, plan, listen, learn, and connect. 

Advocate with us—for your community.

Our rallying cry? We come together as a start. We stay together to progress. We work together for success.

The big picture goal of our team of advocates? To inspire policy changes that prioritize investment in historically underserved neighborhoods of Springfield. To make this happen, we strive to make sure that city funds and other resources are distributed equitably—across neighborhoods and generations. Together we advocate for infrastructure improvements and measures to address public safety and wellness concerns, especially through the lens of the built environment. For example, we focus on such issues as street lighting, safe side walks and crosswalks, bicycle lanes, clean neighborhoods, ADA compliance, and digital equity.  

You’ve got to show up and speak up to be heard!

Open to all residents of Springfield, our meeting of Community Advocates is designed to encourage, prepare, and support people who have the desire to improve their city. Your knowledge and perspective are invaluable: Come share them with us! In return, we’ll help you gain the skills, information, and partners necessary to influence enduring, socially just policies. 

Issues you care about + tools to make an impact

What matters to you? We want to know. And we want to help you be ready to give voice to your hopes, concerns, and ideas—and see improvements happen on the ground. Training available to Community Advocates may include:

  • Navigating the system: Government 101
  • Make your actions count: How to advocate effectively
  • The art of public speaking: How to tell your story
  • Writing with power: Using social media to tell your story
  • Understanding budget basics and how city funds are allocated

Get involved!

To learn more, please fill out this form and we will reach out to you.