Community Engagement

Old Hill Walk Audit to Optimize Safe Walking and Bike Routes

As part of the Healthy Hill Initiative’s effort to optimize safe walking and biking routes in Old Hill, representatives from Way Finders, the City of Springfield, non-profit agencies, residents and other stakeholders participated in a walk audit to assess the quality of a near 2-mile route in the neighborhood.

Karon & Karolyn

A spunky woman well into her 70s, Karon Tyler has an energy level that surpasses many, despite health challenges and a recent motor vehicle accident. Karon is one of the Healthy Hill Initiative’s Resident Health Advocates and takes great joy in connecting Old Hill residents to numerous health-related activities, community events and advocacy work happening in the neighborhood.

Introducing Carmen

Carmen and her two children moved to Holyoke in 1981. Over the years she has witnessed the decline of her neighborhood. Recently, the South Holyoke Neighborhood Association was formed. Carmen started volunteering with the association and eventually enrolled in Way Finders’ Resident Leadership Program. Today, Carmen is the association’s President. She is making great strides for her community in the areas of public safety, and beautification.

Beatrice Dewberry

Beatrice Dewberry has been with Way Finders since 2016. She manages the Healthy Hill Initiative, a broad-based public health initiative in the Old Hill and surrounding neighborhoods, and Flexing Civic Muscle, a capacity building initiative for older adults in Mason Square neighborhoods of Springfield.


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